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Adding a gueset to your myKwantlen course

Sometimes you want to add a guest lecturer or teacher to your myKwantlen course. Note: you should *NOT* use this process to add registered students.

  1. Login to myKwantlen and navigate to your course page
  2. In the left column, scroll down to the Configuration Tools heading
  3. Click on 'Members'
  4. At the top of the right-hand column, click on 'Add Members'
  5. Use the search utility to find the person you want to add to your course. You can search by login id, first name, or last name. You can also add them by e-mail address.
  6. Choose the person from the list of search results. Select a role for them. "Teaching Assistant" has more privileges than "Guest", but neither has as many privileges as a full teacher.
  7. Click on 'Add member'.

You should now see the new person in the list of Members under Course Tools.

Query: What privileges will the new user (in this case, Teaching Assistant) have?

The documentation I have isn't exactly clear on which privileges the Teaching Assistant role includes by default. After the new user is added to the course, the areas they have access to will appear in the course's left column (probably under the headings Content Tools or Configuration Tools).

(FWIW, the documentation I consulted is the Course Leader Guide. Hm. Which used to be available online outside of myKwantlen, but I can't find now. It's included in all courses for the teacher: navigate to the course homepage > in the left column under heading "Content Tools" click on Manage Homepage > at the bottom of the main/right-hand column is a box "Just Getting Started?" includes a link to the Course Leader Guide (pdf) )

Returning to the question about permissions: In the same area where the teacher added the new user as a Teaching Assistant (left column > Configuration Tools heading > Members) is also a link to Permissions where he/she can give them additional permissions as required. After a quick review, it looks to me like they should be able to set the new user up with pretty much all the permissions a teacher has.

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