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There is an extensive list of options when you are edit settings for a video. To edit a video setting, go to the video and click on 'Edit'.



This tab defines your video.

Edit Details.png

  1. Name - Give a name for your video. This is a required field.
  2. Description - Provide a brief or long description for your video. (The more descriptive, the easier it will be for others to know what your video is about.)
  3. Tags - Tag your video! Use keywords to describe your video. This will be essential and make it easier for you to search through your videos. There are no limits on how many tags you can use.
  4. Usage Rights - We've integrated Creative Commons licensing so that you are able to apply a CC license to your video.


This tab controls the displaying of comments in your video.

Edit Options.png

  • Disable comments for this media - Checking this will disable and hide any comments made to the video.
  • Close discussion - Checking this will disable any future comments from being made.


This tab allows you the ability to upload captions file in SRT or DFXP formats.

Edit Captions.png


This tab gives the owner of the video the ability to download the video.

Edit Downloads.png


By default, thumbnails are auto-generated and applied when you upload the video. It is the first frame that is displayed when the video is not playing. You can choose to upload a different thumbnail or capture a different frame in the video if the auto-generated one is not the one you want to use.

Edit Thumbnails.png


This tab allows you to add new Chapters or Slides on the timeline.

  • Chapter - Create a chapter on the timeline provides context to a segment of the media. Chapters are top hierarchy and can include slides within them.
  • Slides - A slide is a synchronized visual element to the main media. You can upload a full deck of slides (i.e. PPT,PPTX or PDF) to your video (dual-screen experience).

Edit Timeline.png

Replace Video

This tab allows you to replace a newer version of your existing video without uploading it as a new video. This allows you to keep any existing metadata you've added to the video.

Edit Replace Video.png

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