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You may want to view student log reports for various reasons, including (but not limited to the following):

  • To view when the student had last logged in
  • To view if the student had submitted an assignment/quiz
  • To view attempts of student activity submission(s)
  • To view how many files were submitted


There are a number of logs that Moodle keeps when activity occurs in the course. Because of this, information can be quite overwhelming. Hence, the logs are separated into many filters so that you (as an instructor/administrator) can look at the logs that are important to you.

How to view the logs?

  1. Go into your course, click on gear icon > 'Logs'.
  2. By default, all activities for all participants and groups for the current day is selected. You may choose to change the dates or select a particular participant or an activity by clicking on each respective drop-down menu.
  3. Once you have selected the information you want to view, click on 'Get these logs'.
  4. Viola! You should see a number of records (or no records if none found) of the activities and their respective actions with the exact time stamp for each activity.
Note: The information provided by these logs are limited because there is an extensive amount of information that is collected throughout the entire system. Hence, you will only see limited information.
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