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Your students have an assignment in which they upload a document, you review the document adding feedback, and you send the feedback document back to the student.


It's time-consuming and cumbersome to download the submissions one-by-one, edit them, and upload them back to the assignment one-by-one. Can you bulk download all assignment submissions and bulk upload feedback files back to assignment?


Bulk download the assignments, review adding feedback, then bulk upload them back to the assignment.

Assignment Setup

  1. (From the assignment page) > gear icon on right > Edit settings
  2. In Submission types > File submissions: checked (the students will be submitting files)
  3. In Feedback types, Feedback files: checked (you will be providing feedback in the form of files)
  4. Save changes


  1. (From the assignment page) > gear icon > Download all submissions
  2. (You will be prompted to download a file) Save the zip archive to your workstation and unzip it using a ZIP File Manager.
  3. Edit the student submission files, adding your feedback. Do not change the file names. Here, you are also able to add new feedback files. But you must follow the convention of the file name for each student, then the filename. (e.g. For a newly added feedback file (Sample3.pdf) for Sally Student, the filename should be "Student, Sally (Bingo)_879_assignsubmission_file_Sample3.pdf".)
  4. Create a new zip archive by selecting the modified files. Do not just select the folder. The name of the feedback zip file is not significant.
  5. Go back to the assignment > Grade all submissions view
  6. Grading action > Upload multiple feedback files in a zip. Choose/upload the new feedback zip file. Click on "Import feedback file(s)" button.
  7. You will be given a confirmation list of the files that will be uploaded and applied to each student. If things don't line up (the wrong file sent to the wrong student), now is the time to cancel the process.


  • Only submitted files that have been modified will be uploaded.
  • Moodle documentation says: "Note: If you zip files on a Mac, you may get a folder included in the zip called _MACOSX_ which needs to be removed otherwise Moodle will not recognise the changes in the files."
  • Well, one problem. We attempted the download of the original zip file three or four times before we got a useable zip file. The first several attempts produced abnormally small files that were obviously incomplete.


If each submission is more than a single file, then submissions may be downloaded in folders by checking off the option "Download submissions in folders" (below the grading table). Each submission is put in a separate folder, with the folder structure kept for any subfolders, and files are not renamed. Each folder will be named with the student first and last name followed by a unique identifier. You can download selected assignment submissions (rather than all of them) by selecting ones you want and then choosing "With selected... Download selected submissions".

More information: Using Assignment

Props to Simon Beck for coming up with the original question.

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