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Grades imported to Moodle course don't match the contents of the Excel CSV file, but only for a few students (5 out of 75).

The issue turned out to be two separate problems/issues.

First issue Symptoms

Two students had their Midterm 1 marks changed.
[Student 1] correct mark: 105, changed mark: 100
[Student 2] correct mark: 101, changed mark: 100

I'm pretty sure that this change was caused by a setting in the Gradebook for Midterm 1 > Maximum grade: 100 When I do a similar import to my testing course, the mark for my test student is also changed to 100 (from 105).

In order to award extra marks above the maximum, I believe you have to change the aggregation method to either "Mean of grades" or "Sum of grades". More documentation on Moodle.

Second issue symptoms

Three students had their marks for Quiz 2, Quiz 3 and Midterm 1 changed.

In the original CSV file sent by the teacher, these three students are the only ones who had quoted text in their record (the program name, containing a comma). I think the Moodle Gradebook import stuttered over the quotes or the embedded comma and loaded the marks for these students into the wrong fields.

From the upload CSV file:
[Student 3],"Bachelor of Design, Fashion",3,1,31,11,52,80
[Student 4],"Bachelor of Design, Fashion",2,1,34,11,65,56
[Student 5],"Bachelor of Design, Fashion",5,1,38,12,61,71

E.g. For [Student 4]:
mark for Quiz 1 (34) was loaded into Moodle as the mark for Quiz 2.
mark for Quiz 2 (11) was loaded into Moodle as the mark for Quiz 3.
mark for Quiz 3 (65) was loaded into Moodle as the mark for MidTerm1.

In the graphic below, the Moodle marks are in blue, the upload CSV file marks are in green.


I am unable to explain why the mark for Quiz 1 wasn't affected.


I think the most reasonable solution for this issue overall would be to modify the Moodle marks manually. If you intend to use the same procedure to upload future marks, I would recommend modifying the program name for those students in the Excel spreadsheet so it does not contain a comma.

Thank-you for providing us with such a challenging puzzle to solve!

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