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There are several options which users can use to upload their media. First you must login to KPU Media. Instructions here.

NOTE: You will need to be logged in before attempting to upload any media.

KPUMedia Upload Options.png


Media Upload

The most popular and most used tool would be the 'Media Upload' button. You are able to upload video files, image files, or audio files in all sort of formats.


CaptureSpace is a tool that records your desktop, screen, presentations, lectures, webcam and voice. It needs to be installed on your desktop computer. Launching it for the first time will prompt you to download the application onto your desktop computer. (If you do not have enough privileges to install this on your computer, please contact the IT Service Desk to have the application installed.) You will need to launch 'CaptureSpace' from the web browser every time you use it because it needs to know which account it is uploading the media to.

 Launching the application on your desktop directly will fail to work properly.


If you have public videos that are uploaded to or on YouTube already and would like to add them to KPU Media, you are able to do so with this option. All metadata from the YouTube video will automatically be added to KPU Media when video is added.

 NOTE: Only public YouTube videos are supported.

Video Quiz

You are able to create a video quiz with new or existing videos.

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