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While setting up the portfolio assignments, make sure to "unlock after grading" is selected for the submissions.

If for any reason you forgot to pay attention to that and now the students can't make changes to their submitted portfolios then this article is for you. Please go through the following steps to fix the problem.

Go to the assignment settings that has the portfolio piece attached.

  • Under the submission types category, look for "Lock submitted pages" dropdown.

Mahara Assignments locked.png

  • Make sure unlocked after grading is selected
  • Hit save changes
  • Please note that after changing this setting, you will need to re-enter the grades through the assignment page to unlock the portfolios

View all submissions.png


You can start from the first student in the assignment list, re-enter the grade, uncheck notify students and press save changes. The navigation on the top right corner can be used for quickly moving through all the students.

  • Now the portfolios will be unlocked and students can start making changes to them

If that doesn't solve the issue, feel free to contact us via the Service Desk and we will get it sorted out.

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