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It's the beginning of the semester, and my students can't get into the new Moodle course.


The teacher hasn't opened the course yet.


Here's how to make your course(s) visible to students. (You will need to do this to every single course you own.)

  • Go to your Moodle course > Cog/Wheel icon > Edit settings > Visible: Show (select from drop-down)
  • Save Changes
NOTE: DO NOT hide the course from your students in the middle of a semester.


There are a number of ways to see if the course is made live to student.

  • You can view your course from a student's point of view by either using "Switch Role To" or "Log in As" methods. Once logged in, try to access your course. If you see it, the course is visible to the students.
  • If you see a message that says something like "This course is not accessible to students", go back to your default identity (click on your own name near the top of the page that says "[Your Name] you are logged in as Student Name"), and go to your Moodle course Settings > Availability: This course is available to students > Save Changes
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