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I have a quiz that most of my students in the class had submitted and state is showing as 'Finished'. However, there are some students in the class that completed the quiz but the state shows as 'Never submitted'. How do I change the state to 'Finished' for those students that states 'Never submitted'?


This is technically not a bug, but a known weakness in the quiz process. Resetting interrupted quiz attempts has been identified in the Moodle world as a desired feature.


We have developed a workaround which involves adjusting the quiz setting to allow for multiple attempts and carrying the answers from previous attempts forward to the next attempt but this will require a series of steps. This workaround should only be attempted either after the final close date/time of the activity has passed and all other students are finished with the quiz or at a time when no other students are likely to be attempting the quiz.

NOTE: If you need help with this, I would suggest making a request to IET service desk with course, name of quiz, and students info.
  1. Go to the quiz.
  2. In the 'Administration' block > Quiz administration > User overrides
  3. Click on 'Add user override'
    • Search and select the student that would require the override (you can only select one student at a time)
    • Change 'Close the quiz' date to a reasonable later date
    • Change the 'Attempts allowed' to 2 (if you only allowed 1 attempt in your original quiz setting)
  4. Click Save (or 'Save and enter another override' if you have more than one)
  5. Go back to the quiz main page.
  6. In the 'Administration' block > Quiz administration > Edit settings
    • Under Grade > change 'Attempts allowed' to 2
    • Under Question behaviour > Show more... > change 'Each attempt builds on the last' to Yes
  7. Click on 'Save and display'
  8. Back in the quiz page, click on 'Attempts:#' (middle of the page)
  9. Click on the student's name that displays State:'Never submitted' (You will be taken to the student's profile)
  10. In the 'administration' block > Profile settings for "student's name" > Log in as (You should now be logged in as the student)
  11. Go back to the quiz
  12. Start a new attempt (don't worry, the second attempt will not wipe out the first attempt)
  13. Click through the quiz without changing a single thing and then submit the quiz
  14. Log out

When you log back in as the teacher, you should now see a new submission (state: marked as 'Finished).


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