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Do you have multiple sections in your Moodle course? Would you like to mark each section separately? This could be easy with a few students in your class. But much harder when your course is massive with lots of students. It could turn into a nightmare!


Fear not! There is a solution.

  1. Go to activity setting.
  2. Under the 'Groups' tab, change 'Group mode' to 'Visible groups'. Then 'Save changes'.
  3. Setup the number of sections in your course using groups. Go to Participants tab from left nav menu> Cog icon >Groups.
  4. Click 'Create group'. Create a group for each of the different sections.
  5. Your sections (groups) will display under groups. Now, add students to each of the groups. Select a group/section, then click 'Add/remove users'.
  6. Under 'Potential members', select students to add to the group/section and click 'Add'.
  7. Do this for all the other groups/sections.
  8. Go to the gradebook. You should now see under 'Grader report' a drop-down menu with your groups/sections.
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