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At the request of a faculty member, we're exploring the process and consequences of sharing quiz questions between courses. This can be between courses belonging to the same faculty member, or between courses belonging to different faculty members teaching the same subject.

These are Donna's working notes.


Contexts in Moodle -- This is important. You need to understand this before you start sharing questions.

Questions I'm working on

  • Get the basic setup working: sharing quiz questions between two courses belonging to the same teacher
    • Question: A quiz has questions from both course context and category/dept context. When a quiz is backed up and restored to another course on same instance, are the questions still pointing to the same categories? ie If text in a category context question is changed in the question bank, does the change appear in both quizzes?
  • Sharing quiz questions between two courses, two different teachers
    • Can both teachers edit the questions? What happens when the same question used in each course is updated? Before students attempt a quiz, and after students attempt the quiz
  • What happens when a course is backed up and restored to a different course category (i.e. to a new semester)?
    • Are all the quiz questions copied to the new category/semester?
    • When the second course using the same questionbank is restored to the new category/semester -- does it just link in to the existing questionbank, or are the questions re-added to the new category/semester?
  • Administration: how much work is this going to make for teachers? Is it worth the effort? (How much time do teachers spend creating questions?
  • Administration: What about Publisher question banks?
  • Administration: How much work is this going to make for me/LearnTech? Moodle Docs talk about creating a new question-sharer role.

More information from Moodle Docs

How to let teachers share questions between courses

Question permissions explained with diagrams

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