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Introducing VoiceThread


Try out VoiceThread on their website. Create an account (use your k=put e-mail address for easy access later), create some VoiceThreads, comment on a few public VoiceThreads -- play and experiment. When you're ready to add a VoiceThread activity to your Moodle course, follow the instructions below.

View: Using Using VoiceThread in an online course from Professor Russ Meade

Adding VoiceThread to your Moodle course

You now (September 2014) have 4 options for how your VoiceThreads are displayed within your Moodle page:

  • Course view (to display all of the VoiceThreads shared with your course)
  • Share link (to display a single VoiceThread)
  • MyVoice (just provides a link to the user's VoiceThread dashboard--students will land on their own MyVoice page)
  • Assignment builder: allows you to set up a graded assignment for students to create, comment on, or view a VoiceThread.

The following steps explain how to set up a VoiceThread activity:

  • From your course homepage, click Add resource or activity
  • Select External tool
  • Give the activity a name
  • Select "External Tool Types" and choose the "VoiceThread" option.
  • If you wish to distinguish VoiceThread from other activities, you can add a VT icon. In the Secure Icon URL field, enter:
  • Save changes.

From there, see these instructions on the VoiceThread site for details on these options:

Course Disabling

At the end of a semester or year, instructors may decide that they no longer want to keep a VoiceThread course intact. Just click the "Disable" button at the bottom of the Course View to decommission that course. What will happen?

  • The course will no longer appear on anyone's MyVoice page.
  • The VoiceThread Course View for this course will not be accessible from your LMS.
  • Any content that had been shared with the course will no longer be shared with the members unless it had been shared through another avenue, as well.

Disabling a course does not delete anyone's account or content. See course disabling in action here.

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