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Teacher wants to read all the forum postings within a course by an individual student.


A list of a student's forum postings (replies) and discussions (first posting to start a discussion thread) is available from an individual student's profile.

  • To get to the student profile: Click on a student's name or avatar in just about any activity or in the Gradebook.
  • To get to the list of this student's forum postings: (The following is a series of twisty menus, click on the twisty not the link)
    1. (While in a student's profile) In the 'Navigation' block > Current course > (name of current course) > Participants > (student name) > Miscellaneous > Forum posts/Forum discussions.
    2. Two links are available here: (1) Posts and (2) Discussions
  1. Posts = the replies this student has made
  2. Discussions = discussion threads the student has started

For a shortcut to bypass all that clicking see Moodle URL shortcut.

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