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A teacher wishes to restrict access to an assignment until a file has been submitted to a previous assignment. She does not want to have to mark the previous assignment.

For example: Students must complete an online tutorial concerning plagiarism and submit proof to the "Plagiarism Drop-Box" assignment before they are allowed to submit to an assignment called "Major Project".

  1. Login to the course and turn on editing
  2. Turn on Completion Tracking for your course
    In your course, click on Wheel icon > Edit settings
    Under the “Completion tracking” heading: set Enable completion tracking to YES
    Save changes
  3. Edit the settings of the Plagiarism Drop-Box assignment to use Completion tracking
    Edit (drop-down menu to right of the Plagiarism Drop-Box assignment) > Edit settings
    Scroll down to Activity completion heading, make the following settings:
    Completion tracking: Show activity as complete when conditions are met
    Select checkbox: Student must submit to this activity to complete it
    Save and return to course
  4. Edit the settings of the Major Project assignment
    Under the Restrict access heading:
    Activity completion condition: choose Plagiarism Drop-Box / must be marked complete
    Save and return to course
  5. TEST
    Administration > Switch role to… > (choose Student)
    Attempt the Major Project assignment – you should not be able to access it
    Attempt and complete the Plagiarism Drop-Box assignment
    Re-attempt the Major Project assignment
    Return to my normal role (link, top right corner of window next to your name)

Note: If the teacher doesn't review/mark the Plagiarism Drop-Box submissions, it’s possible for a student to submit a bogus file and gain access to the Major Project assignment without actually having completed the Plagiarism tutorial.

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