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How can I reduce the file size for PDF's?


  • These tips, especially when you have lots of images in your PDF, can reduce the size of a PDF by more than 50%.
  • Smaller file size means faster downloads for students and less chance of the backup for your course exceeding 100MB.


There are three ways you can reduce the size of a PDF:

Solution 1

Re-save the file (strange but true, this can alter the file size)

Solution 2

File > Reduce File Size

More recent versions of Adobe produce better file size reduction so keep your Adobe Reader up to date by downloading the latest version and request that your students do the same.
  • Select the version of Adobe with which you want to be compatible e.g. version 7.0.
  • Check your version of Adobe by going to Help > About Adobe Acrobat.

Solution 3

Tools > Print Production > PDF Optimizer

Even though your PDF document may not have images, if it has been produced by scanning this option can have a significant effect.

Solution 4

Change quality of images to low (colour and greyscale)

Change compression on monochrome images to JBIG2. (NOTE: these settings stay in effect for all documents that you open.)
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