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If I had, say, 60 questions in a question bank for a multiple choice quiz, could 20 be randomly selected for each student? Additionally, could the order of the answers be randomized (eg. so the correct answer to a question is A for one student, and B for another)?


The answers to the above scenarios are yes and yes.

I would first do a trial setup with a collection of only 5 questions and a quiz of only 2 questions. Test the configuration several times, making note of which questions appear each time and the order of the answers. Once you are satisfied the settings are producing the quizzes you want, then add the remaining 55 questions to the category, and 18 more random questions to the quiz.

1. Set up 5 questions in a category of their own

In this example, I am making the assumption that you already have questions setup in the question bank.

  1. In the Course > Gear icon > More > Question bank > Categories (bottom of the page)
  2. Add category
    • Choose a Parent category. By default, it is set to the course.
    • Name the category. E.g. “Random questions for Quiz 1”.
  3. Move the questions into the category.
    • In the Course > Gear icon > More > Question bank > Questions
    • Choose your 5 questions by clicking in the box to the left of each question and move the questions to the category you just created (bottom of the page) With selected: Move to (button)

2. Create your quiz

  1. In your course homepage, 'turn editing on' (top-right green button).
  2. “Add an activity or resource” (link, bottom right corner of each section/week/topic in the course)
  3. To randomize order of answers within the question: In the Quiz settings (Cog icon > Edit settings) > “Question behaviour” > select “Shuffle within questions”: Yes.
  4. Save and display (button at bottom of page)
NOTE: Within each question the setting for “Shuffle the choices” must also be selected.

3. Add the questions to the quiz

  1. (Continuing from the previous step) > Edit quiz
  2. In the center is the quiz contents, on the right is the list of questions. At the top of the questions column, choose the category containing your questions.
  3. At the bottom of the questions column are the settings for “Add random questions from category”. Choices are numbers 1-9, 10, 20, and 30. To add a number not listed, e.g. 17, choose 10, click “Add to quiz button”, then repeat, choosing 7.

4. TEST the quiz

Attempt the quiz several times, noting the questions selected, their order and the order of answers within the questions. When you’re satisfied, add the rest of the questions to the category, and add more random questions to the quiz.


More documentation on adding random questions on Moodle Docs.

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