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What is it?

Quickmail is a messaging system in Moodle that allows teachers (and students, if allowed by the teacher) in the course to send regular e-mail messages to participants in the class via Moodle.

How do I add Quickmail?

  1. Go to your course and Turn editing on
  2. On the right-hand side, in the 'Add a Block' select Add... 'Quickmail'.
  3. You should see a Quickmail now on the right-hand side

Default system settings

These default settings are found in the 'Quickmail' block > Configuration. They can be changed by the teacher.

  • Allow students to use Quickmail: No
  • Roles to filter by: Teacher, Non-edting teacher
  • Prepend Course name (to e-mail message subject): Short name
  • Receive a copy: No

Where does the email go?

  • Quickmail is sent to the email address in teacher(@kpu.ca)/student(@email.kpu.ca) profile address.
  • Alternate address: Quickmail has an alternate e-mail address setting; it's used as an alternate FROM/SEND address, not as an alternate destination to receive Quickmail messages.
    • Teacher's copy of sent message is sent to their profile e-mail address.
    • Student replies to a Quickmail message with an alternate FROM address will be sent to the alternate address.
  • Email address on the Moodle Messaging settings page only refers to Moodle Messages, not Quickmail.
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