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NOTE: The following applies to all Moodle users, not just students.

Student names are populated into the courses from Banner. Names cannot be edited from the user profile.


I need to change my name or email in Banner for any of the reasons:

  • My name has changed.
  • My email has changed.
  • My name is incorrect.
  • My email is incorrect.


If your name has changed or is incorrect, the student needs to contact the Enrollment and Registrar Services office (take picture ID) to have the name information updated. A request should then be made to the IET Service Desk to run an update process in Moodle to refresh the student name information.

NOTE: The e-mail address attached to the name will not be changed unless the student specifically requests it. 
    If the e-mail address is updated, the old address (and all associated messages) will be deleted.
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