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There are many ways to send messages to students in your Moodle course. Here's a few.


Moodle Forums

(Probably the easiest way.) If a student is subscribed to a Moodle Forum, they'll receive an e-mail copy of forum postings (sent to the address in their Moodle profile) about 30 minutes after the posting was made. As the teacher, you can make forum subscription forced or optional. Every course is created with a News Forum -- subscription is forced and only the teacher can post. It's an excellent way to communicate with your whole class and maintain a record of messages to which everyone can refer.

More information on Moodle Docs.


Add the Quickmail block to your Moodle course. You can choose which students to send to. Your message will be sent to the students' e-mail address in their Moodle profile. By default, this is set to their Kwantlen/on-campus address. Likewise, a copy of your message will be sent to the address in your Moodle profile. And also as for the students, your default address there is your address.


You can also send messages to students via Moodle Messages by going into the course Participants list (Administration (block) > Participants), select some or all of the students with the checkboxes and using the "With selected users…" drop-down box to send them a message. Messages sent this way show up immediately in a popup box if the user is currently signed in. If they are not signed in or don't sign in in the next 10 minutes, the message is e-mailed to them. If you have the Messages block installed in your course, they'll also see an entry there. You don't get an e-mail copy of this message.

More information on Moodle Docs.

Faculty Self-Service

Faculty Self-Service apparently has an entry where you can copy all the course student e-mail addresses at once for pasting into your mailing program (e.g. Outlook).

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