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As managers of a channel, you are responsible for activities inside the channel you manage. Under the user menu, you should see "My Channels". By default, you will see all the channels you manage. However, this view is togglable by the user.

By default, all channels are set to Private. This means that nobody will be able to see your channel nor anything in it until you invite them to your channel.

Let's walk through some of the settings you have as manager of a channel. On the channel which you are managing, click on "Edit".


Details tab

Name - You can rename your channel here.

Description - You can give your channel a description.

Tags - You can include tags for your channel here. Learn more about tags here.

Privacy - You can change the privacy of your channels here. (Options: Open/ Restricted/ Private/ Shared Repository)

Options - You can choose to moderate content on your channel here by checking the 'moderate content box. You can enable comments on your channel by checking the Enable comments in channel box.

Categories - Assigning the channel to one of the categories will display your channel in that category. (You will need to be a manager in the category to do this.)

Members tab

You are able to add/delete members from your channel here. You are also able to set the permissions of each member here. (Please be mindful when providing permissions to your members. Members do not currently show up on the members list until they have logged into the portal at least once.) Simply search by user's name to add members to channel.

Playlists tab

You can create and organize playlists of your videos here.

Delete Channel

The delete channel button obviously will delete your channel. That's probably one button you don't want to touch.

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