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We have test student accounts that you can add to your course to allow you to test things from the student perspective. Test accounts are Sally and Sam Student.


To add Sally or Sam to your course:

WARNING: Anyone who has Sally or Sam's password will be able to access your course as long as Sally or Sam are registered in it. We strongly recommend that you delete them from your course once your testing is completed.

  • Expand nav menu > Participants > Enroll users (button, top right).
  • Search for Sally or Sam in "Select users" field.
  • Assign roles: Student
  • Click on "Enrol users" button.
  • Wait a moment for the page to refresh and double-check that the person(s) you selected are enrolled, and that they have the appropriate role.

WARNING: DO NOT use this process to add real students to your course. Students must register in courses through Enrolment Services.

To log in as test student:

  • Click on test student name in Participants list
  • From test student profile, click the Login as button
  • Click Continue (Note: you may also "login as" any other student in your course to check what they can see)

To return to your normal account:

  • Logout and Log back in.

To actually log in as the test student

  • Use the test student's username and password to actually login as them. You can get the usernames and passwords from the IT Service Desk.

Tip: Typically, I’ll login as the teacher via FireFox, and as the test student in some other browser like IE or Chrome. That way I can go back and forth between adjusting settings and looking at them through student eyes without having to constantly log in and out.

Note: When you have finished testing, remove the test student from your course. Go back to Participants, locate test student in the existing users list and click on bin icon next to it.

To add an instructor to your course:

See also: Adding other instructors/guests to my Moodle course

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