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Teachers can allow students to add images to Lightbox Galleries on a gallery-by-gallery basis.


Allow students to add images to a Lightbox Gallery in your course:

  • Create a Lightbox Gallery activity
    (from course homepage) > Turn editing on
    Add an activity or resource > Resources (heading) > Lightbox Gallery (select)
  • Open the new Lightbox Gallery
    gear icon > Locally assigned roles
    Open the role "Lightbox Add image"
    Select student names from the list of Potential users in the right column.
    Click the "< Add" button to move the names to the Existing users/left column
    Done. (There is no "save" button.)
  • TEST
    Login as one of the students and confirm that they can see the "Add images" link in the Lightbox Gallery.



Like all things there are limitations, here's some of them.

  • This activity won't automatically show up in the Gradebook as an assignment, but you can add a Grade item and record marks this way.
  • It does not automatically track which student uploaded which image. Perhaps you could ask students to put their name in the image caption.
  • If portrait images are uploaded and settings are set to "automatically resize: Screen & Upload" then it will become landscape.


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