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A faculty member reported:

In the Moodle Gradebook the final grade in % is not always matching the letter grade given - e.g. a student gets 76% but Moodle calls this a B when it should be B+ according to Kwantlen’s grading scale. […] It seems to happen when a grade is border-line and is rounded up - e.g. a 75.8 becomes 76. It records the 76 but assigns this the letter grade of B instead of B+.


The Letter grade scale set in Moodle is accurate to Kwantlen’s standard and is set to two decimal places. I also see a couple of locations in your Gradebook where in one a 76% grade is given a B and in another a B+, so I suspect you’re exactly correct – you’re running into a rounding/decimal place display issue.

Moodle letter grades are set as:
79.99 – 76.00% = B+
75.99 – 72% = B

So depending on how the rounding/decimal place display preferences are set, a mark calculated to 75.88% is rounded to display as 76%, but is still really only a B AND elsewhere a mark is calculated to 76%, and is displayed as a B+.

The setting for the Quizzes Category Total is “Overall decimal points: 0”. So it’s rounding, but assigning the letter grade on the original/real value.

To set the Overall decimal points of a Gradebook category:

  1. Course homepage) > Settings > Grades
  2. Categories and Items: Simple view (drop-down menu)
  3. Actions (column)
  4. Edit Chapter Quizzes (gear icon)


I made a copy of your course and did a little testing. When I set the Quizzes Category Total to 2 decimal places, it displayed the student's Category total as 75.5%, which is actually is a B.

The settings for [an assignment] is “Overall decimal points: 2”. So it’s calculating to two decimal places, and assigning the letter grade. (Pretty much the same navigation path as above.)


You have a couple of options. Either display all numeric grades with 2 decimal places so that the letter grade matches the actual value, or adjust the letter scale used within your course. The latter course may have ongoing consequences (making sure your scale matches Kwantlen standard, and confirming the Letter scale included in course backup/restores for future courses, remembering that you've made this change in future copies of the course, etc). So I recommend the former.

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