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"Students have reached the word capacity for the journal assignment in my course - there are still several weeks of the term left. If there anyway the word limit can be increased for this type of assignment."


There is a limit somewhere in the neighbourhood of 32k for Moodle Journals and it's a limitation of web forms, not of Moodle. So, alas, there isn't anything we can do about it.


When I searched the website for suggestions I found: "...please remember that you should add one Journal activity per entry (eg one per week), not one for the whole course that they keep adding to."

Also "Well it looks like the blog module has taken-over the journal module so no more worrying about the maximum size of your notes" (Which doesn't help for this term, but maybe for next.)

So perhaps the solution is to add another Journal activity for that student, to finish off the semester.

Moodle v1.9.7

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