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NOTE: Rule of thumb, keep your image resolutions as small as possible! 



How can I insert images into Moodle?


There are more than one way to insert images onto Moodle. The two simplest ways to insert an image is using either ways:

  • Upload the image file to your files area in Moodle
  • If files are uploaded, choose it from the files area to display

You can do both steps by using the insert image icon.

  1. Click on the "Add activity or resource" and choose "File".
  2. Enter the name and and then in description file, click on image icon.
  3. Click on the 'Browse repositories...' button. (The File Picker window will open)
  4. Choose an image that has already been uploaded using one of the options or upload a new image.
  5. Enter text in the "Image description" box (this is for accessibility purposes) and set dimensions.
  6. Click 'Insert'.
  7. Check the "display description on course page" box, if you want to display image on course home page
  8. Save changes.


  • Re-size your image (suggested max. 300x300 pixels) - PowerPoint has a option to re-size images - before uploading to reduce loading time for your students.
  • Try to use a consistent size for all your images.


Moodle Docs on Inserting Images

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