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Quiz questions provided electronically by publishers can be imported to Moodle for use in your quizzes.

A number of different import formats are available. It is likely that the questions will need to be edited/adjusted before they can be used. Give yourself some time to do this before you need to create the quiz. We suggest experimenting with the import function and editing your questions on our Moodle Development site before you install them in your live course.

How To

Go to your Moodle course > Cog/Wheel icon (right hand side) > More > Import under Question Bank.


One file won't import. Others imported just fine.


Error message "There are no questions in the import file." (when questions are clearly present)


The XML file includes an invalid character that caused the Moodle file parser to fail.


Edit the XML file to delete/replace the invalid character.


Question file was created with TestGen, imported using Blackboard v6+ setting.

  1. Unpack the zip archive generated by TestGen
  2. File res00001.dat is an XML file; run it through an XML validator to locate the offending character. (We used copy/paste to )
  3. Edit the file to remove/replace the offending character
  4. Either re-zip the folder and import the new zip file to Moodle, or just import the new res00001.dat file

Never did figure out how to make the import utility generate meaningful question names. Instead, we got question names like "34B3AD182FE945AEB79C22B4D796E2D9". Ew.

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