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I have a spreadsheet (CSV or XML) with grades filled out. Is it possible to import these grades into Moodle's gradebook?


Yes, you can import grades from a spreadsheet (CSV file) into Moodle's gradebook. The following steps will show you the easiest way to import grades into your gradebook. Of course, there are many other ways to do it. But why learn the hard way?

  1. Go to grades from left nav menu.
  2. From drop down menu, under 'Export'. Click on 'Excel spreadsheet'.
  3. Select any or all grade items to be included in Download. (NOTE: It is highly recommended to export all grades.)
  4. Expand "Export formation options". If you have provided feedback in the grades, also select "Include feedback in export".
  5. When finished, click 'Download'. (Window will pop-up, click OK and file should be downloaded in your Downloads folder.)
  6. Open the spreadsheet. (It may be in Protected View. Click 'Enable Editing' to edit the document.)
  7. You may now choose to add a new grade item to the end of the spreadsheet or copy/paste from another spreadsheet you have prepared. Ensure the grades entered matches with the student number.
  8. When done editing, click 'File' > 'Save As'. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV (Comma delimited) file (Not a .XLS(X) file. You may see a pop-up message. Click 'Yes'.)
  9. Now go back to "Grades" in Moodle> 'Import' from drop down menu. Click on 'CSV file'.
  10. Drag and drop the CSV file you saved in Step #6 into the 'File' section. Then click 'Upload grades'.
  11. You will be directed to a preview of your import:
    • Identify user by: Map from choose ID number
    • Identify user by: Map to choose Username
    • By default, Grade item mappings are all set to 'ignore'.
    • For the ones you want to add, select New grade item OR if the grade item already exists in the gradebook, select the grade item.
  12. Once done, click 'Upload grades'.
  13. You should see a message display that your grade items are imported successfully.

We suggest using a course space over on the Development site to experiment with the spreadsheet upload process until you're comfortable.

  1. Create a sample spreadsheet/upload file with several assignment marks for a couple of our test students (Sam Student and his siblings, Sally, Syd and Singer)
  2. Add the test students to your Development course
  3. Upload the spreadsheet to your test course
  4. View the marks, both as the teacher and as the students to make sure all is as it should be
  5. Repeat over on the main Moodle site. (You may want to hide the Gradebook from students while you're working on it.)
    Edit settings > Appearance > Show gradebook to students: No


  • Grade Import on Moodle Docs
  • Step-by-step Video on how to import grades from a spreadsheet
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