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Moodle forums provide the ability for you and your students to receive email messages when postings are made (Moodle calls this subscribing). To see what forums you are subscribed to in a particular course,turn editing on and add "Activities' block > click on the 'Forums' link . You can turn subscriptions on or off from this page (see illustration below).

Forum Subscription.png

  1. You can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe to the forum.
  2. There is a faster way, if you want to bulk apply these settings.

There is also a forum auto subscribe setting in your Moodle user profile > Forum preferences that controls whether you automatically subscribe yourself to forums when you post. Change this setting to No if you do not want to receive emails automatically.

There is yet another option called "Email digest type" which allows you to set the number of emails coming in for each forum.


When setting up forums, instructors can choose whether to force subscription or to let student choose to subscribe. A News forum is a standard feature that is created automatically in the top summary block of each new Moodle course. By default, the News forum is set to force everyone to subscribe. Instructors can changes this setting if they wish.

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