How to have Quiz results not included in final grade

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I want students to do practice quizzes and other quizzes that are just checked for completion and not graded. How do I set up a quiz so that the students’ grades do not automatically go into the gradebook?


Solution 1. Quiz is not displayed in Gradebook at all

  1. Create a quiz
  2. Clcik on Cog/wheel icon on right hand side > Edit quiz (You will be taken to the 'Editing quiz' page)
  3. Set 'Maximum grade' (top of quiz page): 0.00 (zero)
  4. Save
  5. Assign a mark to each question ("Marked out of:", click Save button for each question mark change you make)


  • Relatively simple to set up.


  • Quiz is NOT displayed in Gradebook. This can be confusing to both students and teachers.
  • Student never sees the mark for the whole quiz. When they review the quiz, they can see if they got each question right or wrong.
  • Teacher can only view quiz activity via View attempts. But only for students who have attempted the quiz; students who have not attempted the quiz are not listed.

Solution 2. Quiz is displayed in Gradebook, but not included in Course total

  1. Create quiz as if it was going to be included in the Final grade. i.e. Each question has a value and Quiz Maximum grade has a value greater than zero.
  2. Go to gradebook setup.
  3. Scroll down and select "Add a category".
  4. Category name: (eg. 'Not included in Course Total')
  5. Under Parent category, set weight to zero.
  6. Move the quiz into the "Not included in Course Total" category.


  • Quiz IS displayed in Gradebook.
  • Student can see mark for whole quiz.
  • Teacher can see how successful the students were.
  • Teacher can easily review students who have not completed the quiz (via Gradebook).
  • This category can be used for any activity (e.g. assignments, forums, etc) the teacher doesn't want included in the Course total calculations.


  • A little more complicated to set up, more steps.
  • Quizzes have to be in a separate category from all the other quizzes.


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