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I want to restrict access to an activity (e.g. forums, assignments, quizzes) until a certain date or time. How can I do this?


instructions here

Different Kinds of Restrictions

There are more kinds of restrictions than Date/Time. You can add restriction by:

  • Grade (Require students to achieve a specified grade.)
  • Group (Allow only students who belong to a specified group.)
  • User profile (Control access based on fields within student's profile.)
  • Restriction set (Add a set of nested restrictions to apply complex login.)

Difference between Availability and Date Restrictions in the Assignment Activity

The major difference between using (Date) restriction access and availability in assignment is that in using Availability you can still access the assignment and can possibly still submit a late assignment submission (unless a cut-off date is set). However, if a date restrict access is set then you will not be able to even get into the assignment.

Difference between Timing and Date Restrictions in the Quiz Activity

Likewise, the timing option in quiz is set to allow students into the quiz. Setting a restriction access to the quiz will restrict students from even getting into the quiz description page.

NOTE: Testing your restrictions is KEY! Learn how to add a test student to your course.
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