How do students submit a Kaltura Video Assignment

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It is very easy for students to submit a Kaltura video assignment in Moodle.

  1. Go to the assignment
  2. Click on "Add media submission"
  3. My Media will popup
  4. Two options:
    1. If your media is not in "My Media", you can add it there by clicking on "Add New" > "Media Upload". You can then upload your media then follow steps below (NOTE: This may take a few minutes for your media to upload, depending on how big the file is.)
    2. If your media is already in your "My Media", you can "Select" it and it will be added to the assignment submission
  5. (optional) If you selected the wrong media or need to re-select your media, click on "Replace media"
  6. Once you're ready to submit your assignment, click on "Submit media"
  7. You're done! Assignment has been submitted.


NOTE: Students have the ability to delete any video they have uploaded or attached to the assignment.
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