How can I have different groups in different wikis?

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NOTE: This documentation is referring to Moodle's wiki, and not this wiki.



How can I have different groups in different wikis?


Solution 1

The solution provided is assuming that you already have your first wiki already setup.

  1. Create the second wiki
  2. Create the second set of groups
  3. If you want to create content, do so on the wiki for each group. When students go to the second wiki, they will only see the wiki for their second group.

Solution 2

  1. On the first page of the wiki enter the names of each group member within [ ]
    • e.g. [Joanna Alan Mo] and [Raj Eric Catherine]
  2. Using [ ] creates a new page (with the name of the group members as the wiki page name) in the wiki for each group.
    • The only drawback is that each group can see the work that other groups are doing.

Solution 3

Set up one wiki to use "Separate Groups". The navigation can be confusing (even for the teacher) until each group gets several pages in place.

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