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The Moodle "Announcements" feature is built into every course. It is mainly used for one-way communication for instructors to post an announcement to their students. It will show up in the announcement forum and also it will email a copy to your students.

If I'm not using the announcements, how do I delete it?

You can delete the announcements by "turning editing on". Click on "Edit" and then "Delete". After that, confirm that you want to delete the Announcement forum.

How do I know if my announcements have been sent out?

You should notice that your post is posted in the Announcement forum. Also, you should have received a copy of your post via email.


Please allow 30 minutes for the message to send, if you did not check "Send forum post notifications with no editing-time delay" under Announcement Settings.


If you have hidden the announcements activity, your students will not receive a copy of the announcement.

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