Hiding Content in a Moodle Course

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Hiding the whole course

  1. Go to the Moodle course.
  2. Click on Cog/Wheel icon and go to "edit settings".
  3. Change course visibility to "Hide".
  4. Save changes.

Hiding a section

  1. Turn editing on.
  2. Click on Cog/Wheel icon next to the section that you want to hide.
  3. Click "Hide week/section".

Hiding individual resources or activities

Hiding individual resources or activities (hidden from all students, visible to all teachers)
Turn editing on, use the show/hide ("eye") icon next to each item.

Hide an activity until the student has completed another activity: see Add a grade restriction to an activity

Hiding Grades

Hiding some grades from all students

Hiding all grades from all students

Hiding activity/content within an Activity

Hiding activity/content within an Activity (e.g. forum postings or discussions within a forum): Set up Groups and use the Group Mode: Separate groups setting in the Activity

Hiding some content from some users

Initial Set Up

  1. Create a group (e.g. Hidden Stuff Group)
  2. Add users who should see the hidden materials to the Hidden Stuff Group. It can be both teachers or students.
  3. Create a grouping (e.g. Hidden Stuff Grouping)
  4. Add Hidden Stuff Group to Hidden Stuff Grouping
  5. Create a new section in the course. (Strictly speaking, you don't need to collect all the hidden materials in one section. But it makes maintenance easier.)
  6. The section heading cannot be hidden; participants NOT in the Hidden Stuff Group will be able to see it. We suggest including a statement along the lines of "Material in this section is only available to some people. If you need access, please contact..."
  7. Add a copy of these instructions to the section for future reference.

Adding content to the section

  1. Add a resource or activity to the section.
  2. In the settings for the material, under the heading "Common module settings" choose:
    • Visible: Show
    • Grouping: Hidden Stuff Grouping
    • Available for group members only: checked
  3. TEST it!
    • On the course homepage, look for "(Hidden Stuff Grouping)" after the resource/activity name
    • "Switch role to..." does not work in this case. Add one of the test students to the course, confirm that they are NOT in the Hidden Stuff Group. Login using their credentials (username and password).

Adding/Removing Users Who Can See the Hidden Stuff

Add or delete teachers/students from the Hidden Stuff Group.

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