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Scenario 1

I have a number of activities (quizzes and assignments) I want to keep in my course for my reference, but won't be asking the students to do them. How do I hide these activities from the students and more importantly, keep the activities from showing up in the student gradebook?


To hide an activity from the students:

  • Go into your course > Turn editing on (button, near top right corner of window)
  • Click on Edit next to the activity you want to hide and then "eye icon" (show/hide).
  • The icon will change to a closed eye, and the link will be greyed out with message "Hidden from students".
  • Confirm that the activity is no longer visible to students by using the "Switch role to..." drop-down menu (top right corner of window) to view the course as a student.

To hide an activity from the student gradebook:

"Lock and hide the corresponding grade items in the gradebook. The locking will prevent the quiz from passing the grade to the gradebook, and the hiding will prevent the item from appearing in the student's grade report."

I tried the suggested settings in a test course and it works like a hot damn:

  • Go into your course > Grades (Administration block) > Categories and items > Simple/Full View
  • In the "Actions" column next to the assignment or quiz you want to hide, check "Hidden" option.
  • Go back to your course, switch role to student and confirm that the quiz or assignment no longer appears in the student Gradebook view (Gradebook > View > User report).

Scenario 2

I have several assignments in the course that are not for grades. I want students to do the assignment (so I do not want to hide the assignments), but it will not count toward their final mark, so I do not want it to show up in the gradebook.


  1. Go to the assignment > edit the assignment setting in the 'Administration' block.
  2. Scroll down the page to 'Grade' > under 'Grade', change grade type to "None" > then Save the page.
  3. Go to the 'Gradebook' and hide the assignment from the gradebook.
  4. There is now no grade given to the assignment. The gradebook for the activity is hidden from the students, and gradebook will bypass that activity and give the correct course total.


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