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A few notes on Group Assignments in Moodle

Configuring groups and groupings (groups of groups) in Moodle can get quite complex. We recommend starting simple, making sure it works, then adding additional criteria.


Turn on Groups

Turn on Groups in your course

Create Groups

Create and populate the groups

Create the assignment

  1. In Assignment Settings (cog/wheel icon) > Edit settings > Group submission settings
    1. Students submit in groups: Yes
    2. Require all group members submit: (this option is unavailable/greyed out unless Require students click submit button is also set to Yes)
  2. Under Common module settings
    1. Set "Group mode" to either Separate groups or Visible groups
    2. Enter a "Grouping" if you have one

If this is the first time you’re using group assignments or your skills are rusty, TEST your assignment: create a test assignment and use the test student accounts to submit to the assignment. Mark the submissions and log back in as the test students to retrieve the marks. When you’re happy with the assignment configuration you can duplicate it (Turn editing on, icon next to assignment) and rename it to make a real assignment.
Don’t forget to remove the test students from the groups, especially if you’ve selected “Require all group members to submit”.

When you mark the group assignments you have the option, on a group-by-group basis, of giving the same mark to every member of the group, or a different mark to each member of the group.
(while on the assignment page) > View/grade all submissions (link below Grading summary) > Grade (icon in Grade column for each student) > Apply grades and feedback to entire group

More Documentations in Moodle Docs

Multiple group assignments with different groups

If you’ll have multiple group assignments in your course and the group members will change, you’ll also need to configure Groupings. Groupings are groups of groups and are used to identify which groups are to be used for each assignment.

  1. Group setup: We recommend adding a reference to the assignment to the group name, such as “Research Paper, Group Apple”
  2. Grouping setup: Participants > Cog/wheel icon > Groups > Groupings > Create grouping
    We recommend referencing the assignment in the Grouping name, such as “Grouping Research Paper”. Add groups to the grouping: Show groups in grouping (icon to right of grouping name).
  3. When you configure the assignment, add the Grouping:
    • Under Assignment Settings (cog/wheel icon) > Edit settings
    • Grouping for student groups: (select the grouping for this assignment)
  4. TEST your assignment with the test student accounts.

More documentations on Moodle Docs.

Upload feedback for groups

  • a duplicate file downloads for each group member but only one file needs to be commented so I deleted all but one from each group.
  • treat the same way as for individual files for editing and uploading
  • once uploaded, edit the submission with the feedback file, making sure the option "Apply grades and feedback to entire group" is set to yes and save the submission form. This shares the feedback file with the rest of the group.
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