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Scenario 1


Grades entered into the grader report stop updating beyond a certain (variable) number of entries. For example, grades for an assignment are entered for all students but only the first 15 or 20 are saved. Instructors are not able to update grades for the remaining students in column.


Discussion at suggests it's a PHP setting: (we are working with BCcampus on a solution - June 4, 2012)

Temporary workaround

Change Grader report settings to display fewer students per page. Here's how:

  1. Go into the course Gradebook.
  2. From the “Grader report” drop-down menu select "My preferences: Grader report" (last thing on the menu)
  3. Under General, set “Students per page” to something smaller; I recommend 6 as a start.
  4. Click on "Save changes".

Scenario 2


Activities have been created, gradebook categories created, activities sorted into categories, BUT -- I can't enter grades into the Grader report view. Editing is turned on, and I can click in ONE box and enter a value, but I can't enter any more values in any other box and when I click on Update button, the one value I entered disappears. What's going on?


The grades are locked.


In the Gradebook, from the drop-down view menu select My Preference > Grade report

  • Under "Show/Hide Toggles", Show locks: Yes
  • Go back to Grader report.
  • Make sure Editing is turned on.
  • Click the unlock icon (generally a little padlock).
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