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Do you find it hard to view the Moodle gradebook on a small monitor or if your class list is huge?


Solution A

You should see a horizontal scrollbar in the Gradebook grading grid below the first assignment column. Make the horizontal scrollbar easier to find by reducing the number of students displayed on the page:

  1. Go into the course Gradebook.
  2. From the “Grader report” drop-down menu select "My preferences: Grader report" (last thing on the menu)
  3. Under General, set “Students per page” to something smaller; I recommend 6 as a start.
  4. Click on "Save changes".

Solution B

Try turn editing off on the course homepage before you go into the Gradebook.

Solution C

Gradebook columns are based on the length of the assignment names. But long descriptive assignment names are better for the students, so I would recommend against shortening them.

Solution D

Move any blocks to the dock to maximize screen space. (Docking a block changes it from a fat box on your Moodle page, to a skinny tab on the left side of the page.)

Solution E

Sometimes using a different theme can help. You can set a personal theme in Settings > My profile settings > Edit profile > Preferred theme

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