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How can I get feedback from my students?


There is a questionnaire template to evaluate the use of Moodle in your course. It has a standard set of questions but you can modify the questionnaire. You will be able to view the questionnaire data and it will be analyzed by Moodle.


Instructions for adding the Student Questionnaire to your course.

  1. Turn on editing mode
  2. Select 'Add an activity or resource' in one of your course blocks
  3. Select Questionnaire > Add
  4. Create a name for the questionnaire and complete any relevant settings – for example, length of time the questionnaire will be open, how many times a student can respond, who sees the results etc.
  5. Under Content options > select: 'Teaching Questionnaire'
  6. Save changes
  7. In the Questionnaire, click on Cog/Wheel icon > Advanced settings
    • Questionnaire Type: Private.
  8. Save and display

If you want to create your own Questionnaire there is a handout in the Workshop Handouts folder in the Training section of this site.

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