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The auto-subscription function in forums is not working as expected. Students post into forums, but I'm not getting automated emails of the new posts. I somehow got unsubscribed from the list.


You have a lot of forums in your courses and didn’t mention which forums in particular you weren’t subscribed to – but I think I might have an idea what’s going on.

Many of the forums (well, of the ones I checked, I didn’t check them all) are set to Auto subscription. This means you are automatically subscribed to the forum the first time you post. If a student posts to a forum before you post for the first time, you won’t be subscribed yet and you won’t receive an e-mail notification of their posting.

I’ve got a quick fix to offer.

(If it’s not there already, you may have to add the Activities block to your course first: Turn editing on. Add a block (drop-down menu, generally at the bottom of the left-hand column) > Add… Activities.)

Forum in Activities block.png

The (course homepage) > Activities (block title) > Forums page gives you a list of all the forums in your course and includes a column with a button which indicates if you’re subscribed or not. If the button says “No” and you click on it, you will be subscribed to the forum and the button will change to “Yes”. Likewise, clicking on a “Yes” button will UN-subscribe you and change to “No".

Forum subscribe button.png

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