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I have a Moodle forum with discussions in it that I want to archive. That is, I don't want students posting any new discussions or replies; but I want them to still be able to read the postings. Can that be done?


In short, yes.

  1. Navigate to the forum in question
  2. Go to Cog/wheel icon (top-right corner) and click on "Permissions".
  3. Advanced role override: Student
  4. There are many permissions. Use the Filter field to find and set these permissions:
    • Start new discussions: Prevent
    • Reply to posts: Prevent
    • Delete own posts: Prevent
    • Edit any post: Prevent
      In each case, make sure it's the Student role you're changing. You can make all these changes, resetting the filter as needed, and then save, but I'd save after each changing each setting.
  5. TEST it! Use "login as" or "switch role to" to make sure the forum is working as you intended.

Part of the answer was originally found on the moodle.org/Forum FAQ page.

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