Can I mark a PDF assignment within Moodle?

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[Note for LearnTech: Rename this page in the new Wiki to "Marking PDF Assignments Within Moodle" --DMH]


I have setup an assignment for students to submit a PDF file as submission. Can I mark or give feedback directly on the submitted file without downloading it, marking it and then uploading it to Moodle?


The short answer is Yes! You can annotate a PDF file directly within Moodle, so that you do not have to download the file and then upload it again. However, this can only be done currently with PDF files submission.

Here are the steps to follow to mark the assignment (our assumption is that you know how to setup an assignment already):

  1. Go to the assignment page
  2. Click on "View/grade all submissions".
  3. Choose student from top right corner whose submission you want to grade.
  4. Pdf file will show up on left side. Use tools at the top to annotate the file.
  5. Provide Grades and feedback.
  6. Click on "Save changes" or "Save and show next" to continue grading the next student.

Video tutorial here.

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