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How to configure your course calendar so students can add events that everyone in the course can see.

Note: Students will be able to edit and delete each others' group calendar entries.

Turn on Calendar permissions for students

  1. Go to your course > Participants > Settings > Permissions
  2. Filter (text field, enter): calendar
  3. Advanced role override (drop-down menu, choose): Student
  4. Manage group calendar entries: (radio button, choose) Allow
  5. Save changes (button, bottom of page)
  6. Back to Course: (your course name) (link, bottom of page)

Create Calendar group

  1. Go to course > Participants > Settings > Groups
  2. Scroll down and create a group called "Calendar"
  3. Add all the students and the teacher

Other notes

  • Students should be instructed to add events for Group: Calendar and not to their own calendar.
  • Double-check for students: The event should be colour-coded as a group event. The default group event colour is pale orange, user event colour is pale blue. (These colours may differ between themes.)
  • If you have two or more groups of students and you don't want the groups to see each others' calendar entries, they can use the existing Moodle Groups you've created to create calendar events. Don't forget to add yourself (the teacher) to all the groups.
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