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Tired of having to rename files one-by-one? Have I got a tool for you:

Bulk Rename Utility


I originally searched out this tool so I could add a date and timestamp to the name of my digital photo file names. My picture files now go from dsc1790.jpg to Hawaii-20110618-1535.jpg. Now I also use it to organize and rename files in a whole bunch of different ways.

  • move/copy files
  • sequential numbering
  • change lettercase -- in both filename and extension
  • regular expressions (I love the regular expresions!)
  • replace spaces in filenames with underscores before uploading to a web archive

From the website:

Bulk Rename Utility is a free file renaming software for Windows. Bulk Rename Utility allows you to easily rename many files and entire folders simultaneously based upon extremely flexible criteria.

Add date/time stamps, replace numbers, insert text, convert case, add sequence numbers, process folders and sub-folders....plus a whole lot more!

  • Rename multiple files quickly, according to many flexible criteria.
  • Rename files in many ways: add, replace, insert text into file names. Convert case, add numbers. Remove or change file extensions.
  • Check the detailed preview before renaming.
  • Rename photos using EXIF meta data (i.e. "Date Picture Taken", "Resolution" and other information embedded in all JPG photo files) Rename your holiday pictures from a meaningless dsc1790.jpg to NewYork1.jpg in a flash.
  • Rename MP3 files using ID3 tags (a.k.a. MP3 ID3 tag renaming).
  • Change files' creation and modification time stamps.

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