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I want to allow guests (non-registered users) to have access to my course. How do I give them access?

What it means to allow guest access?

Allowing guest access means that you are granting temporary access to your course, it is not actually enrolling the guest user into your course. Guests have read-only access to your content--they cannot access student information nor can they participate in any activities in the course. When you enable guest access you have the option of providing a password so that only visitors who enter the password can enter your course. Otherwise, anyone who is logged into KPU's Moodle site as a guest will be able to visit your course.


Enable Guest Access

  1. From your course homepage, go to "Participants".
  2. Go to dropdown menu next to setting icon on the right.
  3. Click on "enrollment method'.
  4. If Guest access is not listed, choose Guest access from the drop down menu. Click the eye icon to enable.
  5. The Guest access link will now appear under Enrolment methods. Click on setting icon next to Guest Access option.
  6. Choose Yes for "Allow Access" and enter a password if you wish. > Save Changes.
  7. In the browser's URL, copy the course URL. (e.g.
  8. Provide the course URL & password (if required) to your guests.
  9. Send them this step-by-step video tutorial on how to login as a guest.
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