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How do I add a student to my Moodle course?


You don't need to add students to your Moodle course yourself. They are automatically added to or dropped from your Moodle course when they register or drop out via the online Self-Service registration process.

Additionally you shouldn't add a student to your course manually to accommodate informal course/section changes by the student.

In a message about this issue, the Registrar made this comment:

"So if there was an earthquake and we turn to the class list to determine if everyone is out safely, I would not know that this student was actually attending this class. Emergency crews would walk away from the area thinking everyone is accounted for. Then there are insurance implications for a student being where she is not suppose to be. So the Moodle issue is secondary here; the student needs to appeal under the add section after the deadline and if approved (there has to be a seat in the section she wants to add) then we will change her enrolment in Banner which in turn will change her enrolment in Moodle. Please convey this information to the instructor as soon as possible. He is not allowed to have the student just informally change sections. This is not his choice."

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