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You can make access to an assignment (or any activity or resource) contingent on receiving a grade on a previous activity. For example, you may want to have students submit a link to the digital badge they earned for completing the Plagiarism Awareness tutorial before they can access their first essay assignment. We’ll use that as an example:

  • Set up an assignment requiring students to submit a link to their badge. Tip: when you set a grade for this activity, you may want to use the scale option rather than a point value. If you choose Complete as your scale, you will be able to mark the activity complete or leave it ungraded for those who do not submit.
  • In the assignment you want to restrict access to (for example, Essay 1), click edit settings and scroll to the bottom to access the Restrict access. Click Add restriction and select Grade. All of your graded activities will appear in the drop down list. Select the desired activity. You may add grade conditions (the grade must be equal to or greater than, or grade must be less than). Save changes.
  • Students who have not received a grade will see an indication on the main page. Once you have assigned students a grade in the “submit your badge” assignment, Essay 1 will be available to them.
 Restricted assignment.png
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