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How do I access a course from a previous semester?


Scenario 1

Problem: I want to access my course site from last semester, is it still available on the server somewhere? I don't have a backup.

Courses from last semester are deleted about four weeks after the end of final exams. Ideally you will have made your own course backup before then and saved it on your office or home computer.

We also keep a copy of your course backup in our system archive for four semesters. Contact the IT Service Desk to have the course retrieved for you. You will need to provide the following details:

  • semester
  • course subject
  • course number
  • section
  • where you would like the course restored to

Scenario 2

Problem: I do have the course backup, but when I restore it the student content is missing.

Solution: Instructors aren't able to restore student content such as assignment submissions or forum postings. If you need student assignments or grades (e.g. to investigate a student grade appeal), contact the IT Service Desk as in Scenario 1 and specify that you require the student data restored for you.

Scenario 3

Problem: I want to use an old course as the basis for a new one.

Solution: Request a course in Development then restore the original course there. Once you've updated the course on Development, make a new backup and restore it to the main Moodle site.


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